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Pre registration is required for all classes. We accept Visa and MasterCard, debit online, as well as EMT’s and cash in studio for your convenience. We have a 12 hour cut off for online enrollment and a strict 12 hour class cancellation policy. If you arrive more than 5 minutes late for a class we reserve the right to refuse participation as this is a safety concern. 

Our pole dance classes train weekly to become well rounded, technique focused dancers.  Classes are one hour in length and include an important mix of dance, pole work, floor work/flexibility & conditioning to help students gain strength, confidence and advance safely. Every participant moves up at their own pace. 


For everyone new to Pole Dance or needing review of the basics. Here we focus on confidence & muscle memory building through simple, guided movements both on and off the pole. Students will explore strength building techniques on the pole and floor, flexibility and pole dancing moves and spins. Heels, kneepads and leg warmers encouraged!

Recommended duration in Pole Essentials: 4-12 weeks. However every student will progress at her own rate, therefore the instructor’s approval is required before advancing to Spins & Transitions.


This class will accelerate your pole skills and take your spins to new heights! Connect the dots with transitions and those famous little secrets that dancers are known for. Expect free-styling with the pole to become much more natural to you as you lay down a solid foundation for movement, spins, floor work and choreo. Pre Requisite: Level 1 or previous experience. Heels, kneepads and leg warmers encouraged!


This class is a blend of levels 3 & 4, and also incorporates doubles training. 

This class will teach your techniques from the basics of pole inversions to the intricate & complex transitions on Intermediate level Pole, PLUS introduce students to the world of doubles pole tricks. Students will continue to progress climbing and sitting techniques learned in Spins & Transitions. Moves will also be advanced into more daring Pole inversions, tricks and sequences that will challenge their endurance, strength & flexibility. 
Expects higher level conditioning, active flexibility work and the introduction of basic inverts, intermediate inverts & sequences on Spin Mode.

Pre Requisite: Instructor Approval. However every student will progress at her own rate, therefore the instructor’s approval is required before advancing to this class.


Learn a choreographed routine from beginning to end! This is the perfect class for SO MANY types of Pole Dancers! those looking to learn a routine & DO NOT want to perform in public those looking to keep progressing their Spins & Transitions those who don’t necessary want to progress to Pole Inversions

Open Level


Learn a routine from beginning to end and perform it at our upcoming Showcase! Performing is MANDATORY with these classes to ensure the choreographers time and attention can be spent on those performing. Two different sessions will run in parallel, at various levels, to ensure students have the chance to show off ALL their skills!

*Want to perform a solo at our next showcase? Contact us to inquire about private training with one of our instructors or studio rental for practice time.

Open Level Dance classes are for all students regardless of fitness level or experience. These classes are designed to build your skills and confidence while enhancing key areas such as strength, flexibility, coordination. Each class has a specific focus and unique delivery. 

There’s something extremely empowering about learning the seductive art of Chair Dance and Striptease! In this class you will work with chairs through a series of drills and techniques designed to move your body like the goddess it was born to be. Then we piece together a combo that you can take home!

Shake your money maker while building a beautiful bottom! Good ol’ fashioned booty shakin’ is what this class is all about. In this class you will condition and tone to warm up and then learn booty popping + twerk techniques piecing it all together in to some short choreo. Your partner or future partner will thank you for this one! *wink wink*


Enjoy a late night restorative and recovery aerial hammock experience, where students will work on active flexibility, and injury prevention & recovery by working through a series of calming stretches and poses to help heal both body and mind.


A class designed for you to side, slither and stretch! Come get comfortable on the floor, expand your freestyle, progress your splits and strengthen your floor work! Shoulder rolls, leg waves, heel clacks, crawling and everything that comes with getting down on your knees. 😉

Shoes and knees are recommended.


Where do you go when you have graduated from the ‘competitive world’ or just simply cannot find a class that is meant for adult dancers…

Open Level. Choreography Based. Hip Hop comes in many forms and styles. This class will begin with a more grounded warm up and stretch before going into hip hop culture and movements through the art of dance.


An undeniably powerful way of self – expression, it calls to stand your ground, own yourself and let go of inhibitions!

This style involves intricate movements and exude lots of femininity which is  MUST at Bombshells!


Where do you go when you have graduated from the ‘competitive world’ or just simply cannot find a class that is meant for adult dancers…

Open Level. Choreography Based. Lyrical dance style blends the elements of ballet and jazz together. Start the class with a fluid warm up and stretch before working into a combo that allows the body to focus on breathing into the movements.


The basis of all fundamentals of dance, from holding your body correctly while performing, to executing skills properly in a routine. Strong technique extends across all areas of dance, regardless of the style of your routine. From all levels of Pole to the divine movements of Lyrical, Dance Technique is great for all styles and levels of dancers.


Alright….enough of this nonsense… here it is….

This class is 30 minutes of Strength & 30 minutes of Stretch. So all you FUTURE DANCERS, CURRENT DANCERS,  POLERS, BEGINNERS, PROS, CATS…. this is the class to take when wanting to improve your flexibility AND feel good – whether that is on stage, in the bedroom or JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT TO GOSH DARN IT!
The first 30 minutes of this class will be dedicated to improving performance and body composition while the last 30 minutes will be put towards doing ALL the stretches that you brush off doing on a daily basis..aka those hip flexors ladies…
** Open Level Class **


Have you ever been asked to freestyle and suddenly panic? Have you wanted to take your performance game to the next level? Or do you just simply want to dance your heart out like no one is watching? Let our one and only Bombshell Queen, Jennifer aka Miss Siren Jei take you through the wonderful world of freestyle and stage presence in this new performance development class!

This class is designed for those that are looking to up their stage performance game or simply just want to learn some cool new moves to take with you into your other dance classes. Whatever the reason, you can be sure that this class is your ticket to feeling like a ultimate Queen.

Open level.

Kneepads are highly encouraged

Looking to train on your own terms and time?  Private lessons are the solution for clients who are looking for one on one instructor attention where we get you to your goals on time and as planned! 

Missed Class Policy

Missed Classes: We require 12 hours notice to cancel your class. Classes can be cancelled online from your account or, you can email the studio to inform us that you cannot attend in order to avoid forfeiting the class. No show/ late cancellations will be automatically applied / deducted from your class pass, charged to your credit card or applied to your account. Please email the studio so that we are able to handle your circumstances accordingly.

Non-Refund policy: Refunds will not be offered after class packages are purchased. Extensions for time of use on class packages can be negotiated on a per instance basis. 
Passes are not transferable to other individuals, classes, workshops or merchandise. Please contact us to discuss your circumstances. We do our absolute best to accommodate.