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4 Week Beginner Bombshell * 4 Bonus Boutique Classes – START TODAY!

At Bombshells, our new Pole Dancers start in a 4 week Introductory Course that begin each month. This program is designed to teach our dancers the basics – beginner holds and spins, as well as some dance and core conditioning moves that will set the foundation for moving up to higher levels. Some people repeat this level once or twice before moving up, but everyone progresses at their own pace. We recommend attending classes min. 2x per week or more to progress, see results faster and reach your goals! This is where our weekly boutique Dance + Fitness classes come in handy 🙂 There’s something for everybody on our schedule. 

Your dress size doesn’t matter but your attitudes does! A smile, sense of humor and an open mind are all you need to get started! 

See whats happening this week on our schedule HERE!

Typical First Timer Questions

What do i wear?

Pole Class:  We recommend form fitting work out clothes that allow for easy movement.  You will be most comfortable in leggings, a tank top  and make sure you invest in some knee pads. Platform shoes are optional but allowed in Pole Level 2 and up, and sometimes encouraged for specific classes. Shorts are required for inversions (L3) and beyond as you will need to use your legs to climb, hold and hang!

Aerial Fitness: We recommend form fitting work out clothes that allow for easy movement.  Long/short sleeved t-shirt, leggings and socks are ideal.

How old do i have to be?

Participants must be 18 years of age to join our programs.

Do i need to be really fit to try it out?

Absolutely no! Anyone with a great attitude and willingness to try can join our programs. Everyone is a beginner to start and remember: “you don’t have to be great to start but you must start to be great”

I’m really uncoordinated, will i be able to keep up?

Our instructors are trained to take it nice and slow, making sure that you have lots of time and encouragement from the very beginning to get comfortable with our moves and techniques. Our series classes progress on a week to week basis and our boutique / open level dance + fitness classes are supplements that will help your body with the necessary conditioning needed for progression and more specific results such as flexibility, coordination, endurance and overall strength and confidence. 

This is really outside of my comfort zone, will i fit in?

One of the things we are most proud of at Bombshells is our inclusive community and the diversity of women who form our student community.  Nothing truly epic exists within our comfort zone right?  Trust us when we say….you will be glad you did!

What else should i bring to class?

Water and a towel are normally all that is required but kneepads and legwarmers are strongly recommended. 

Other Notes:
Please remove jewelry – rings, watches, bracelets that can scratch the poles and potentially harm you as well. Please also have your hands free of lotions or moisturizers as this affect your grip with the pole and also makes them harder to keep clean. Keep your cell phones in your bags please. 

Our studios are a fragrance free zone as many of our members are sensitive to strong perfumes and detergents. Please refrain from wearing perfume or using scented products prior to your class. 

Please also be courteous with the use of your phone/device and filming videos in class. Ask your neighbor if they mind you filming in the event they might be in it! We respect the privacy of all of our students. Don’t forget to use #beabombshell!

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